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Selection and editing of SVG elements
The "Element Selection" tool allows you to select the elements by clicking on them with your mouse. The selection shows the handles that allow you to scale and rotate the selected elements.
The selected elements can be deleted by pressing the [DELETE] or [CANCEL] button.

This tool can be enabled through the keyboard by pressing the [v] key.
Selection of elements by clicking
Click on an element to select it. A selected element shows the resize handles for scaling and rotating the element. The dimensions of the element with the current units of measurement are also shown. By clicking on a dimension, it is possible to resize the element parametrically.
Selection of elements in rectangular area
Left-click and drag to create a rectangular area above the elements to be selected. When the mouse button is released, each element that intersects with the rectangular area will be selected.
Add elements to current selection
To add an element to the current selection, hold down the [SHIFT] key and click on an unselected element.
Remove elements from current selection
To remove an element from the current selection, hold down the [SHIFT] key and click on a selected element.
Move selected elements
To move the selected elements, left-click on an element and drag the element to the new position.
To limit the movements on the X or Y axes, or at a certain angle (defined in the page properties panel) hold down the [SHIFT] key.
Duplicate selected elements
To duplicate elements, drag them to a new position by holding down the [ALT] key.
Actions and modes of the tool
By double clicking on a container element, i.e. group, symbol, group with mask applied or group with clipping path, you enter an "Isolated Layer" where you can edit the internal elements. When working in an "Isolated Layer", double-clicking in the work area will exit the current "Isolated Layer".

Double clicking on the page or the work environment will set the document view to "full-page".

Double clicking on a Path SVG graphic element will activate the "Points Selection" tool.