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The "Line" tool allows you to draw a line within the work area.
This tool can be activated through the keyboard by pressing the [L] key.

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Draw a line
Mode 1
Left-click, drag the mouse inside the work area to set the length and angle of the line and, finally, release the mouse button.

Mode 2
Click inside the work area, move the mouse to set the length and angle and, finally, click again to finish.

To draw a horizontal, vertical, or corner-bound line (defined in the page properties), hold down the [SHIFT] key during creation.

Press the [ESC] key to exit the drawing action.
Draw a line parametrically
To draw a line of a specific length in a parametric way, use Mode 2 above but, before clicking the second time, press a numeric key on the keyboard to display the input field in which to insert the desired length.
Actions and modes of the tool

By double clicking on the page, or on the work environment, the "Points Selection" tool will be activated.