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Snaps panel
The "Snap Properties" panel contains a series of check boxes that enable or disable  the snaps. The snaps allow you to align objects more precisely thanks to the magnet effect activated by the points that form the geometric elements.

The activable snaps are:
- Grid
- Bounding projections ( projection of element Bounding Box edges)
- Page contour
- Vertices
- Segments
- Guides 
- Smart guides
- Smart points
The steps are parameters that defines how snaps are applied:
- "snap distance px" is a pixel value that defines the attraction distance.
- "snap grid step" is the grid step
- "snap angle" defines the angular snap applied when you rotate or move an object while holding down the SHIFT key
Move / Rotate
- Move step is used to move selected elements using the keyboard arrow keys
- Rotation step is used to rotate the selected elements by pressing the keyboard arrow keys while holding down the ALT key:
(Left arrow key + ALT to  rotate left , Right arrow key + ALT to rotate right )