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Markers Panel
The "Markers" panel allows you edit markers to the positions: start, intermediate and end of a line or path.

To apply a marker to the selected element choose a marker from the "markers  library".
The selected marker will be placed into the internal library of the current document.

Markers are assigned by reference.
The "Make unique" button  allows you to duplicate the current marker.
The "Edit.." button allows you to edit the marker on an isolated layer.

By clicking on "start", "intermediate" and "end" marker buttons the panel will show the relative properties:

- ID: id of the marker.
- marker units: The menu shows how the marker will be drawn, i.e. whether it will use the line thickness as a scale parameter or use its original dimensions.
- offset X:indicates the X offset distance from the original position.
- offset Y:indicates the Y offset distance from the original position.
- width: allows you to set a custom marker width.
- height: allows you to set a custom marker height.
- orientation mode: the menu allows you to define the assigned marker direction.
- orientation angle: indicates a possible rotation to be assigned to the marker.