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Animation panel
The animations let you create slide shows or interactive contents.
The "Animation panel" allows you to assign animations to a page or to a graphic element.

There are "Entrance" animation and "Exit" animation for both pages and graphic elements.
When a page entrance animation starts, the exit animation for the current page automatically starts.

Look the animation below, there are 2 pages with the same animated janvas logo, when you click, the entrance animation will start in the next page and simultaneously in the current page starts the exit animation. As you can see the delay let you define different starting times for the animations. You can also define the duration of animations.

These animations are created using the animate.css library, if you are interested go to
Page Animation wait / stop
When there is no element selection, the animation panel shows the "Stop/Wait" section in which you may define what to do when the Page Entry animation ends.

You may specify:
1) "wait for a click" before switching to the next page.
2) "wait" for a determinate number of seconds before switching to the next page.
3) "stop", when you want to manage page navigation through self-created buttons.