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Google Drive menu
The "Google Drive" menu contains a list of actions for managing documents located in Google Drive.
The "Open" item allows you to open an SVG document from Google Drive.
The window that appears shows the list of documents.

To show the contents of a folder double click on it.
To open a document, double click on the file.

The button bar at the top left, allows you to:
1) Show the main list (root) of the files in Google Drive.
2) Show the contents of the "Shared with me" files.
3) Go up one layer in the file structure.
4) Reload the list of current files.

The buttons at the top right allow you to list the contents of the files in List and Icon mode.

The "Save..." item allows you to save an SVG document in Google Drive.
Save as...
The "Save as..." item allows you to save an already saved document with a new name.
Import image...
The "Import image..." item allows you to import an image from Google Drive.
Import SVG...
The menu item "Import SVG..." allows you to select and import an SVG document from Google Drive. If the imported document is a Janvas document then all the pages present will be imported (a dialog box will appear to choose the insertion point of the pages: "start", "end" or "after the currently selected page"). 
Export as image PNG...
The "Export as image PNG" item allows you to save the current document in a PNG image format (with transparency) in Google Drive.
Export as image JPG...
The "Export as image JPG" item allows you to save the current document in a JPEG image format in Google Drive.
Manage files
Opens Google Drive in a new browser window to manage files.
Does the logout from Google Drive.