Vector Graphics Editor
Create and Edit SVG online - Scalable Vector Graphics
open janvas...
Edit Menu
The "Edit" menu includes functions to copy and paste, select and duplicate elements, undo and redo the last operation performed. 
The "Undo" menu item cancels the last operation performed. 
The "Redo" menu item restores the last cancelled operation.
The "Cut" menu item copies the selection while removing the copied elements from the document.
The "Copy" menu item copies the selected elements.
The "Paste" menu item pastes previously copied elements into the current document.
Paste in place
The "Paste in place" menu item pastes elements in the current document, and places them in the exact same location as the original element. This is very useful when you want to copy elements to be pasted on another page in exactly the same location.
The "Remove" menu item deletes the selected elements.
The "Duplicate" menu item duplicates the selected elements.
Select all
The "Select all" menu item selects all the elements on the current page. 
Deselect all
The "Deselect all" menu item deselects all the elements on the current page.