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Line properties panel

The "Line Properties" panel shows the properties of the contour line of a selected element or the current properties set.
The first button opens the panel with the list of pre-set thickness options.
the second button opens the panel with the list of pre-set dashed lines.
The third button shows the range of line cap styles.

The fourth button shows the range of bevel styles for the contour.

The present field allows you to enter a custom thickness value.
The check box allows you to choose if the line should maintain its thickness regardless of the zoom on the page or the resizing of the graphic element.

Line thickness panel

The "Line thickness" panel, by clicking on one of the lines in the list, allows you to change the thickness of the graphic element contour line. Set current thickness for drawing new elements.

Dashed line panel

From the “Dashed line” panel, a style can be chosen for applying to the contour line of a selected graphic element. Set the dash as current style for drawing new elements.

A custom dashed line can be created from the first field. The dashed line style can be defined by inserting in this field a list of values separated by a space. For example, entering "5 3" will define a style with dashes of 5 points and the space between them of 3 points

The second field allows you to define the offset of the start of the dashed line.

Useful information

Janvas user interface panels can be moved from their initial position to be placed more conveniently for the work at hand.