Create Vector Graphics for the web in SVG, HTML, PHP and JavascriptCreate Vector Graphics for the web in HTML, SVG and PHP. Create Rich Interactive Contents with CSS and Javascript | All rights reserved | Janvas is a project made by: Riccardo Della Martire (XOSystem - - Pesaro - ITALY - P.IVA 02345150417Janvas is ideal for workgroups.Students and teachers cancollaborate and share documentseasily at school and at home. Works OnlineSave your documentsup to 10 times duringthe 30 day period. FREEFREEJanvas is Freeuntil the next release( Janvas 4.0 )PREMIUM FREE26 €one yearfrom UsersEverything you create and save using Janvascan be displayed on a variety of displays and devices.All Web browsers natively show HTML and SVG file formats.HTML+SVGsvgphphtmljsIntegrate your contentswith You Tube, Maps,Widgets and Web ServicesStefano Mariani Artwebsitenecsine.comMadlen design Artwebsitemadlendesign.comArchitecture and designwebsitegarbugli.comIf you have made a web projectwe will happy to place a linkin our "Users gallery" Let we knowwhat you have madewith Janvas
The Online Vector Graphics Editor
Create Vector Graphics for the webin HTML, SVG and PHP.Create Rich Interactive Contentswith CSS and Javascript
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